Use of Terminal Block, TE Connectivity 1-2834021-6

I purchased the TE Connectivity 1-2834021-6 terminal block for use in a hobby project. The Digi-Key page for this part has a link to the Instructions. The instructions illustrate pushing down on a lever with a small-tip tool, inserting the wire, and then removing the tool. I am finding that the levers tend to stay down after the tool is removed, such that the wire is not retained. Sometimes the levers pop up later, after several minutes, and sometimes not even then. Is there a technique to releasing the levers, or is something wrong with this part?

I am checking on this for you. Will let you know when I get an answer.

Hello eliotmayer, Karl checked with the Product Specialist on this and he is asking what tooling and wire you are using. Can you share part numbers?

Hi Jenny,

I was connecting 24 AWG wire from a cable, Digi-Key Part Number CP-2207-ND / Tensility International Corp CA-2207. I used a small flat-blade screwdriver (unknown part number) to push down on the level while inserting the wire.

The TE Connectivity 1-2834021-6 is specified for 20-26 AWG, so the 24 AWG wire should be compatible.



Hello eliotmayer. I apologize for the delay in getting this answer for you. Our Product Specialist is waiting for a reply from TE on your question. His suggestion is that you contact TE directly either by webchat or e-mail. Here is the link to the part details on their website 1-2834021-6 and you will notice that the tabs for Webchat with Us and E-mail Us are on the right side of that page.