Terminal multi-interlock

Buenas tardes en el coche tengo cables de 3mm y creo que deberia utilizar estos terminales y no estan disponibles.


¿Hay algun producto equivalente?

Solo encuentro hasta 2mm


Un saludo.


Hello Iscastellanos,

From what I am seeing on the TE website and datasheets, both 170221-1 and 172773-1 mate with a 3mm tab. For reference here is the manufacturer page for 170221-1 and 172773-1. Both of these list the mating tab width as 3mm.


I am referring to the section of the cable, the ones I find are up to 14 AWG, the references above can accommodate 10 AWG.

thank you

Excuse me, the first references are up to 12 awg 3mm, which is the section I am looking for.

Thank you for the clarification.
Would something like DigiKey part 17-1241978-1CT-ND Manufacturer part 1241978-1 be what you are looking for? The manufacturers page does list that it would mate with a tab width of 2.8mm but it does accept 11-13AWG wire.