Terminal block with cover


I’m looking for a terminal block (for 18 AWG Hook-Up Wire) which has a metal cover. A plastic cover is also acceptable, but then it needs to be UL certifified with 5V Flammability rating. Do you have this in stock?

We use it for a ventilation system which uses 50Watt at max. The fans are 230V. There is a trafo (230v to 115v) installed so it can be used in the United States. The trafo is connected on one side of the terminal block and the cable to the power outlet on the other side. Do you have this or something similar in stock?

Hi Sander,

Do you mean something like in the link below?

These are the only options I found with covers that are in stock and yes only plastic covers. We don’t have the option to filter these by UL rating and the few data sheets I reviewed don’t list that at all.

Hope that helps.

Yes, this might work for us. Thanks for your search.