Termination - thru hole, what does that mean?

4mm Standard Banana Jacks (Sockets)
Insulated, Panel Mount
Not sure how this is suppose to connect with a wire. The catalog says - termination - thru hole. The one next to it says solder hole. But this is a larger hole.


Page 63 of the catalog/data sheets linked from the product page has dimensional drawings for the part.


Series CT2230 is not for soldering into a circuit board or wiring harness. They are for use with a ring terminal to connect electrically. They have a banana plug diameter hole all the way through the jack.

Series CT2238 is the version for mounting on a panel and connecting with a wire.


On the CT2230, so a ring connector big enough to fit around the threads. And then would you put another nut below the ring connector to sandwich it between the 2 nuts? The price is right and it should work in a panel.

I have the CT2238 banana jack. I don’t need the safety jack features. I don’t really like the plastic for the first 1/4 inch before the metal contact area where the banana plug fits into the hole. Some of the banana plugs won’t even work with this jack because they are too short. That is why I was checking out this CT2230 banana jack.

Thanks for all the help. This is a great tech forum…

That should do the trick.

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Depending on the application you may also need one or more of these additional measures to ensure reliable operation over time (resistance will increase with age on non-soldered banana jacks).

  • Toothed lock washer
  • Contact conditioner
  • Dielectic grease
  • Routine loosen and retighten in the maintenance schedule

With the CT2230-0, you put it in from the front of the panel, you put the plastic ring on the back, and thread the nut on. This sandwiches the panel between the 2 plastic pieces. To connect a wire to it, you can use a solder lug to go on before the nut, and solder the wire to that. You can also look at a different syle, that is made to solder a wire to, like J152-ND.
The CT2228-0 would work also, but we are out of stock. That has a smaller hole on the bottom, which you stick the wire in, and fill solder around the wire, in the hole.

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Thanks guys.