The Network Ethernet not working on i.MX6 Sabre Lite

I followed the procedure mentioned here to compile the kernel for i.MX6 Sabre lite.
After booting from SD card i found that Usr: Debian does not come up when pressed Control-D(as prompted). Also I am not able to connect to internet through Ethernet port. It does not work. Please help.

Perhaps the problem is the same? :slightly_smiling_face:
I also have no solution yet …


This kinda smells like the old user permission issue we had when stretch first got released… Double check that your ran chown/chmod after you un-tarred the base rootfs.

sudo tar xfvp ./*-*-*-armhf-*/armhf-rootfs-*.tar -C /media/rootfs/
sudo chown root:root /media/rootfs/
sudo chmod 755 /media/rootfs/

Ps, I’ve kinda retired all my Sabre lite’s in my build farm with WandBoard Quad’s (they had 2x the memory), so i’ll need to dig thru my collection at home to see if i still have these. :wink: