Thermistor identification

I need a replacement for the electrical device in the attached picture. (It is a part in an MTH operating freight station 30-9184). I believe it is a PTC thermistor (maybe called a polyswitch). I’m guessing the device senses the temperature and when the temperature increases enough the device changes to a very high resistance. It is in a circuit which is16v AC. Can you tell me the manufacturer of the device? Can you tell me the specs for the device?


Welcome to the Digi-Key Technical Forum. I really am at a loss on this one. I could not verify the part marking or figure out what it means. I tried by the part number you provided. I could pull up this and see what it is . Though they did not provide any information on the parts inside the device. I am unable to identify this part with the information provided. I am sorry.

Hello @user160,

I believe the part is a PTC polyswitch RXEF110K-2 from Littelfuse.


I think you may have located what I need - did so very rapidly.
Thank you Jeff_2258!

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