Identify PolySwitch for replacement

Anyone know what component I can use to replace this polyswitch, Identification BBCX 420.
This is on a Niterider battery pack NiMH 13.2V, 11 individual cells at 1.2V 4000mAh each.

thanks in advance

Welcome to the Technical Forum. I could not find anything on the part marking provided. I do know that this type of battery requires a thermal switch or thermostat. Though I could not find any information on that part to see if we would have something compareable. Sorry.

thank you very mush for taking the time to look at this. I pulled the other pack apart and the below is the part ID on this part.
I do see third party battery packs of this voltage and type do carry, a polyswitch, a thermostat and a thermistor, however the OEM appears to only have the polyswitch.
At least one aftermarket suppler appears to fit Littelfuse = 7.3A - LR4-730F for this battery pack.

We do carry the LR4-730F .

Markings in the photo would appear consistent with the SRP420F.

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