Thermostat oil filled radiator

Looking for a thermostat for a Pelonis Oil filled Radiator 1500 watts.
It has 2 prongs and 2 mounting screws. Thanks

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What temperature?

Temperature might be printed on the thermostat housing.

Also what are the dimensions of the part? It looks like TO-3


Hello laurence,

Please be very careful.

As I understand this product, this is NOT a thermostat. It is a thermal safety fuse. Think of this as the backup to prevent excessive temperature (burning the house down) in case the main thermostat fails.

Please see @PaulHutch note and let us know the part number. With this we may be able to find a suitable replacement.

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Here’s a better photo Paul

Here’s a better photo Paul

It’s KSD 301
16 A
125 V

The form factor is consistent with a common flavor of bimetallic thermostats. Markings suggest a 130°C switch point, 16A rating @ 125VAC. CS713025Z seems like a reasonable replacement.


Thank you Rick.
Does the 130 indicate Celsius or Fahrenheit?

Hi @laurence.langley ,

Per rick_1976 product link, attributes of the part show 266°F (130°C).

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Thank you very much

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