Threaded insert recommendation

Trying to repair a Fan Module and need a threaded insert for NMB 8020SA-12M-AL. Data sheet says .169 in hole and .15 in thickness. Looking for a press in threaded insert recommendation that should work. Thank you!

Hello, Chloechler. Thank you for contacting DigiKey.

You may wish to check out part number 1772-1678T-440-B-ND, here:

This looks to be about the closest I can spot in stock to what you’re looking for.

Looking for something like this

Would this work? Seems like it should by the data sheet.

Looks close, though taking tolerances into account on both sides, it doesn’t appear that a person would be guaranteed of a proper fit. Going up a size and reaming the holes in the fan a bit to compensate might be a viable approach.