FLOWLED-3820 M3 Screws do not fit

The datasheet for FLOWLED-3820 states that M3 screws should be used for the heatsink but the holes are sized for M2. Is there a special kind of M3 screw for this heat sink?

Hello @jordan1

Thank you for your inquiry. I checked and it should work with M3 screws. It looks like the datasheet also gives the length of the screws that are needed in each spot too.

Did you check by trying an M3 screw with the component? Or just by looking at the datasheet? The datasheet is incorrect and the hole size is only 2.5mm instead of the 3.2mm needed for an M3.

3.2mm would be a clearance hole for an M3 fastener, whereas 2.5mm would seem quite appropriate for use with self-tapping/thread forming screws of the same size. This latter paradigm is likely the one implied by the product’s documentation.

Hi Rick thanks for the info. I am not sure why that thought didn’t cross my mind. I will use self tapping screws