Difficult insertion of faston caps part no. A106989-ND

I am having great difficulty inserting the fastons (A107192TR-ND) into the faston covers( A106989-ND), can you tell me what you think the problem is? thank you

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Hello mactesrls, welcome to the Forum community. Would you be able to take the dimensions of both parts to verify that they match up with the datasheets? Datasheet for A107192TR-ND and the datasheet for A106989-ND. I took a look at both datasheets and those two parts should work together. If the dimensions of your parts match up with the datasheets, we can check further.

hello Jenny_1307, I too have checked and the dimensions seem to be OK, although I cannot verify the internal measurements of the faston cover. it is a strange problem as I have already used these two components in the past without having any discomfort

I often find 1/4 inch blade connectors (AKA FASTON terminals) difficult to insert.

The high insertion force helps them keep the connection resistance low for a very long time and resist loosening from vibration.

I often end up using pliers to connect/disconnect this type of connector.