Please help identify this pin for tyco 1718873-1

hi, i have a tyco 1718873-1 connector, and need pins (for it - female - and its counterpart - would be male, blade style i suppose). pics below:

Welcome to the Technical Forum. Unfortunately this is listed as a restsricted product on the Te Connectivity website. We will not be able to get any mating or contact terminal information on this part. They will not realease it as it is a proprietary part number. Sorry.

hey, thanks for the prompt response. any idea of a pin that could fit from the pics? its 2mm wide and has a total height of 15.5mm

No. Sorry. The only way to look it up is through the housing. They do not list that information.

Hi @lgtmelo ,

Thanks for understanding our dilemma. You could try the ‘live chat’ feature at the top of the manufacturer website, to see if they are able to assist.

hey, thanks again for answering so quickly. i found this:

*TE Connectivity MCON 1.2 locking lace (LL) type.

would this be enough to point me to a connector in digikey website?

Hello Igtmelo,

Click Here for the list of MCON 1.2 contacts in our system,

thank you!

ill buy the 7-1452656-3 as an attempt. can u point me to the male counterpart of this one?


Hi lgtmelo,

Thank you for your question. Please see best mate found: A142517CT-ND; Click here. Again we cannot guarantee these parts are fit form or function for original housing.

thanks to you both. just made the order. <3

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