TI 1042 vs vp230 tranceiver chips

Hello, we setup a local CAN bus using two NVIDIA Xavier AGX machines, the first of which is sending and receiving CAN data using two CAN Waveshare transceivers. The second is also using a CAN Waveshare module which is hooked up to a CAN crocodile high/low data reader. With this setup using cansend and candump we have no issue sending/receiving on the first machine and reading that sent data on the second. The issue is these do not seem to support CAN FD, therefore, we are trying to use the TCAN1042DEVM transceiver on the second machine using the CAN crocodile just to read the data being sent on our local CAN bus. This is that part that is having an issue, the device is powered on and identically hooked up as it was with the CAN Waveshare module, but it does not read the data. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Hello Mkleindl,

Thank you for your inquiry.

If you’re using TCAN1042DEVM alone on it’s own bus possibly try setting the termination resistor jumper to 60 Ohms to mimic two 120 Ohm resistors in parallel, otherwise make sure your terminating resistor jumpers on the dev board are set to follow CANBus requirements.