Compatibility Query: Using TCI-BOB-2152 for CAN FD with mangOH Yellow?

I’m investigating the feasibility of utilizing the TCI-BOB-2152 for CAN FD communication with the mangOH Yellow platform. Are these devices compatible for CAN FD? Any advice or other suggestions of what to use is greatly appreciated.


The TCI-BOB-2152 itself is little more than a piece of PCB material that spreads out connection points for easier access. It’s datasheet provides a listing of expected pin functions and supported protocols when used in conjunction with the mangoh platform.
Insofar as the CAN protocol is not supported natively, one would need to build or buy an adapter to bridge between a CAN bus and one of the available interfaces. The MCP251863 is one example I found of a device with an SPI hose on one side and a CAN hose on the other, but it and others like it seem to be in short supply. (Automotive supply chain and all…) That said, the mikroe-4955 eval board designed around it might be a convenient way to get one’s hands on such a function.

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