Ti Drv8434Evm

I have a Drv8434 EVM board.
However, the "Getting Started Manual " mentioned a J3 and MCU . Except J3 is not found anywhere on the board.
I would like to double check my assumption or maybe the manual is referencing another board. I don’t see how would that be as well.
the second question is the Zero resistors removal for external MCU interfacing with the Drv8434.

Should Zero Resistors be removed from lines between the J3 and MCU ? if the J3 connector is the unmark pin on board the EVM,



The 13-pin single row header on the board is J3 if I’m not mistaken.

Removing resistors connecting these pins to the on-board MSP430 would permit control via external device, without risk of contention with the on-board MCU.