TIDA-00555 Differential Amplifier Purchase

I need to purchase TIDA-00555 fully differential amplifier for current and voltage sensing. Any ideas how to do so?

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Thank you for the inquiry, this product is a reference design from TI. Their website will have the Bill of Materials, Schematic as well as the board layout files. TIDA-00555 reference design | TI.com. This unfortunately is not sold as a completed unit but simply a reference design. This is intended for customers to use these materials to build the board.

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Is there any consultant or company that would develope it for me. My associated company would sponsor such product development.
Any link or contact might help in India.

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Hello @jadeernahiz ,
You may want to contact one of the Design Services Providers at https://www.digikey.com/en/design-services-providers . You can filter by location to look for firms to contact in India.
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Thanks @ScottRaeker