Torex XC6204/ XC6205 series LDO Regulator Part Numbering

When looking at Torex XC6204 or XC6205 series LDO Regulators, their part numbers can typically be broken down into the below 5 sections. As an example, let’s look at XC6204B182MR-G

XC6204 B 18 2 MR-G
Product Series Type of Regulator Output Voltage Output Voltage Accuracy Package
“XC6204” = XC6204 series “B” = 150mA Active High, no pull-down resistor built-in Vout = 1.8V “2” =0.1V increments, ±2% accuracy “MR-G” : SOT-25 (3,000/Reel)/ Halogen and Antimony free
“XC6205” = XC6205 series

For each section detail, please refer to below from datasheet provided.

Applicable Part Numbers

XC6204B182MR-G XC6204B252MR-G XC6204B272MR-G XC6204B282MR-G
XC6204B302MR-G XC6204B332MR-G XC6204B352MR-G XC6204B452MR-G
XC6204B472DR-G XC6204B502MR-G

893-1060-1-ND 893-1060-2-ND 893-1060-6-ND 893-1061-1-ND
893-1061-2-ND 893-1061-6-ND 893-1062-1-ND 893-1062-2-ND
893-1062-6-ND 893-1063-1-ND 893-1063-2-ND 893-1063-6-ND
893-1064-1-ND 893-1064-2-ND 893-1064-6-ND 893-1065-1-ND
893-1065-2-ND 893-1065-6-ND 893-1190-1-ND 893-1190-2-ND
XC6204B352MR-G-ND XC6204B452MR-G-ND XC6204B472DR-G-ND