Tricore Emulation Board Enquiries

can anyone tell what is the suffix of the TC397 chip in this board.?

Welcome to the technical forum. It appears on page 3-1 on this link:

Here is the note:

Only on Application Kit TC397 V2.0 with VEXT=3,3V is the SD card connected to the TC397 via SDMMC
module and P10.2/3 is used for CAN. All other boards are using QSPI for SD card access and P20.7/8 for

Hello Verna, thank you.
We are going to do a full MCDS features, multi core debug solution, which is TC397TE.
We are concerning because the data sheet did not specify whether that chip is TC397TE.

The IC used for this board listed on the website is A2GTC3975VTFT. These are all the versions of this kit with the IC"s listed: