TPM chip specs

------Question for SLB9672AU20FW1613XTMA1 Please Put your question below------
Good afternoon, I am looking for TPM 2.0 modules that are compatible with the Trade Agreements Act(TAA). Infineon has identified DigiKey as a reseller of the SLB9672AU20FW1613XTMA1 chip, which is TAA compliant.
I am not looking for this chip, but a TPM module that includes this chip,
that will plug into Dell PowerEdge servers. Do you sell the module or just the chip?
Please let me know at your convenience.

Thank you,

Lee Berger


The below link shows the items I found that do include the “OPTIGA™ TPM” on them.
Expansion Boards, Daughter Cards | Evaluation Boards | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey

Good afternoon Nathan,

Wow! Superfast reply…Thank you!

I checked the link but the platform for all the modules was Raspberry Pi.

I have Windows server 2022, Dell PowerEdge R630 and R640 servers.

Anything in that flavor?

Thank you for helping with this!



While they do have a Windows Compatible development module it has a specific Samtec connector based interface. I’m not sure if Dell PowerEdge servers have the mate to Samtec ASP-159359-05 connector on them.

The part number for the Windows based Evaluation Module is: TPM9672FW1523PCEBTOBO1 Infineon Technologies | Development Boards, Kits, Programmers | DigiKey