BGT60LTR11AIP Software for Arduino MKR (Cortex M7)


I’m working with the Infineon XENSIVE 60 GHz Radar evaluation kit. My goal is to be able to program the registers for the radar chip and change the settings (SPI interface) with an Arduino sketch. I am looking for help getting a “Boards Manager” Board for the Infineon Radar Baseboard MCU7.

  • I have tried Infineon and they said all support is through digi-key. Digi-key said we don’t know.

  • Radar Baseboard MCU7 is described in documents as an “Arduino MKR” but it has an ARM Cortex M7 microprocessor which means it is only MKR in board outline.

  • I have been able to find the Arduino library code radar-bgt60 which has the examples and it loads successfully. However, these sketches don’t use the SPI–they only access (3) GPIOs: TD, PD, Interrupt.

  • I’ve tried Infineon web site and github. The boards manager board is not included in package_infineon_index.json

I think if I get the Boards Manager… setup correctly I should be able to write code to the SPI, etc. But I’m not finding it. Any thoughts or assistance is appreciated. Thanks for reading this far!

Since I have not located these Infineon Eval kit components in the Digi-Key system, I am not able to assist you.

weird, I was able to find it quickly. Here is a link:

DEMOBGT60LTR11AIPTOBO1 Infineon Technologies | RF/IF and RFID | DigiKey

Without the part number I was not able to locate the demo board. I, myself, am not able to help you with the Arduino setup. I will put out for the whole group to see if anyone else is able to help.

@bcwadell_Teradyne I’m in process of confirming, but it is my current belief that support for the Radar Baseboard MCU7 via the Arduino IDE does not exist at present. It’s a relatively new device, and while the Baseboard’s being wrought in the pattern of the MKR would suggest that such support is envisioned, It may not be realized as of yet.

The Radar GUI in the Infineon Toolbox does exist; it’s not what you want, but it may offer an alternative route to addressing your higher-level goals. There is a tendency in some circles to build out evaluation support under internal/proprietary paradigms before addressing those of a more open nature, and that may be the case here.

I’ll work on confirming my suspicions and get back to you. I do sincerely apologize for the hassle. Please check your email for a note with my direct contact information, which I’d invite you to save for future use.