Trying to identify 6mm standup Autron connector

Trying to identify 6mm standup connector used on Autron central vacuum control boards. Please see attached pictures

Hi David,
Thanks for visiting the Digikey tech forum. I checked and we don’t carry this connector or have an alternate to offer for it. I wasn’t able to find any information for it.

Thanks very much

Hi David,

I was unable to find a part number for that connector either. However, it looks like it is commonly used in many different brands of central vacuum systems, including Alutron, Beam, Frigidaire, Eureka, Honeywell, Electrolux, etc…

If this is for a repair, perhaps you could take one from a used unit found on ebay, Amazon, etc. Using the search terms “alutron vacuum cleaner circuit board”, I found a number of sources for such boards that you might look into.

Yes, thank you David, that is the part I am looking for to repair vacuum boards.
Maybe they are exclusive to Alutron or not produced anymore?

Don’t know if they are exclusive or not, but I couldn’t find them anywhere other than on such boards, so quite possibly exclusive to them.

Yes thanks, they are manufactured by alutron modules.