TT Electronics P09x Series Potentiometer Part Numbering


All of the Potentiometers in the P09x Series have an Operating Temperature of -40°C to 85°C and a Rotational Life of 100,000 Cycles.

Below is a complete part number breakdown from the data sheet that explains the differences in part numbers for the P09x Series. For further information see the manufacturer data sheet list on the individual product page.

P0915N-FC15BR10K, P0915N-FC15BR100K, P091S-QC15BR50K, P091S-FC20BR10K, P091P-FC25BR10K, P0915N-QC20BR5K, P0915N-EC15BR10K, P0915N-EC15BR100K, P092N-QC15AR20K, P092N-QC20AR10K, P091N-FC25BR10K, P0915N-FC20BR10K, P092N-FC25CR100K, P091P-FC25CR5K, P091N-FC25BR5K, P091N-QC25BR50K, P092N-FC25BR10K, P091SEC25AR50K Additional variations of this part series may also be available from the manufacturer. Please contact Digi-Key and a Non-Catalog request can be made though TT Electronics.