TTL-232R-3V3‎ shielded vs not shielded

I have soldered ‎768-1015-ND‎ to SENSEAIR K30 FR (2194-030-8-0010-ND) and it worked. I had issues with inference, but I can’t conclusively say the cable was the problem. Would ‎1528-2591-ND‎ be a better option in case it is the cable causing my problem. It is a little cheaper and I want it as a direct replacement, but possible better.


@ Zea


Part numbers 768-1015-ND and 1528-2591-ND appear to have the same function and connector configuration. Part number 1528-2591-ND does include shielding, but it is shorter at one (1) meter rather than the 1.8 meters of part number 768-1015-ND.