U-blox RCB-F9T

I would like to purchase the u-blox RCB-F9T from Digikey but it does not show up on a part search. I would like 5 pcs.

Could someone help with this request?

Thank you.

Hello @carbonious, I can get that quote request started for you on this non-catalog item. Please note that manufacturer minimum order quantities, full lead times and special terms such as NCNR may exist. We will reach out to the supplier and let you know what we find out in the form of an official quote emailed to you with the email we have on file. Please allow 3-5 business days for this quoting process. Thanks!

Thanks for your support.

@carbonious we are making the RCB-F9T a stocking part. It should show up on our website very soon.
Thank you for your request.

It can now be seen on our website here:


Thanks. We already ordered some and are doing some prototyping.