Unknown basic wiring component

I found this lying in the basement of our house and I’m curious about the connector. I expect this is some very basic piece of home wiring, probably obsolete, but don’t have any experience in electronics or wiring and am simply hoping someone could help me with a name of this type of terminal.



Is there anything on the other end of the wire? Also, is that brass (assuming) piece wrapped by wire, or is that a common ring terminal around it? Last question: Is there anything inside that terminal (a pin, for example) or on the outside (a notch or protrusion)?

Given the physical size and that the region of the wire right of the thumb in the photo appears to be uninsulated, I suspect the assembly’s original purpose was mechanical rather than electrical in nature.
Some sort of instrument string or tensile linkage perhaps, but quite unlikely to be part of an electrical power installation.

I noticed the lack of insulation, too. It looks very much like instrument (guitar, for example) wire with the ferrule (eye) at the end. The material that looks like blue floss thread covers the termination (winding) of the wire after it wraps around the ferrule and back onto itself. Definitely not part of the home wiring, and just the sort of thing that would be left behind in a basement, I suppose.

Looks like the remains of a broken guitar string, they’d end up in my gear boxes when I did sound for my brother & friend’s bands in the 80s.