Auto Wiring Terminal Type Identification

I removed this terminal out of my headlight wiring harness, as the 60 year old wiring (66 Ford) had crumbled. Trying to identify/purchase a terminal connector as shown in the attached picture.

Hello and welcome to the TechForum. This is not going to be a part we will be able to help with. The best chance would be a web search for classic car parts or a classic car group in your area to get information on a good source for classic parts.

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Will do…Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.

There’s maybe a chance that one of these could get the job done, assuming one can find a similar barrel size.

I don’t see any that appear to have a similar retention barb for holding the contact in place within the housing however; that may be a trouble point. Items like this do tend to fade from use in the course of decades, and given that headlights are sort of important on occasion one might consider some sort of update. As suggested, car folks might have some ideas on that point closer to hand.