Need help ID’ing connector Kenmoore Range

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I have Kenmore Range Mfg: March 2008
Model: 790.46713605. This heavy duty Molex connector was damaged and needs to be replaced. There are no numbers anywhere on the connector. Anyone that can help identify this bullet terminal connector, will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Although you say this is Molex connector, but it really look likes the TE A25472-ND / A25473-ND.

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Hi @Kevin_6462 , you are correct, Thank you so much. Can you tell me the correct size bullet terminals and push-pin tool I would need to get to undo the current harness and install the this new one? In the mean time, I am poking around on the didi-key site to see if I can figure it out. Thanks again.

Hi @Kevin_6462, From What I can tell, TE [A31987-ND] and [A31988-ND] seem like the correct terminals. Please let me know your thoughts.

I am still looking for the proper push-pin tool to use for disassembly of the old connectors.

What cable size you are using? For the terminal selection, we show the associated terminals and mating products for a connector product page if you scroll down on the product detail page.

Once you decide the terminal, go to the terminal product page, scroll down the page then you could see the tooling if it available.

Hope this help.

Hi @Kevin_6462, I see (4) results. I see that the first two are “Tape and Reel” which I assume I would not need since that may for a machine for automated assembly. I assume I would need the items categorized as “Bulk”. What is the difference in the pin for the third (350391-1) and fourth pins (350391-2) in my results?

In regards to the extraction tool. In your opinion, how necessary is the extraction tool? I have one of those cheap sets from Amazon that is “supposed” to do all types of terminals. There seems to be a lot of various pin extraction keys to try to use. With the 318845-1 Extraction Tool work with no issues? Thanks again for your assistance.

Hi @kencoley

By the datasheet, 350391-2 is copper alloyed with phosphorus, 350391-1 is brass.

This tool can help you to remove the contact from the connector body easily and prevent you damage the contacts during the remove.

Here is the extraction tool instruction sheet.

Hi @Kevin_6462. Your assistance has been exceptional. Thanks for your patience with us rookies. I will get all of this ordered today. Thanks again.

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