USB 2.0 Type B Male PCB Vertical Mount


I am working to design a multi-device charging case for our own custom hand held testing equipment I am also designing.

My idea is to design the hand held devices with a integrated USB 2.0 Type B connector similar to shown in this photo (I chose this connector type because of its robustness: they sure do hang tough on Arduino Uno):

I then plan on having a large PCB created that fits inside a Pelican style hard case that has matching USB 2.0 Type B Male connectors like this:image but through-hole or SMT mounted to the large PCB.

spaced accordingly (~20/case) with custom cut case foam (PCB board at the bottom of the foam cutout) to allow the user to slip each hand held into the foam cutout which also lines it up to plug into the connector for charging and provides structural support like this example:

I have searched high and low and I have not been able to locate a USB 2.0 Type B Male PCB Vertical Mount in the Type B Male:

I would appreciate any suggestions or guidance.

Ultimately I just want male/female combination that can be PCB mounted in the above mentioned orientations that is tough and can withstand getting plugged in and unplugged every day.

Thank you!

I also have not been able to locate a board mount “B” USB male connector. What I have located is a USB “B” male connector in a circular housing with a 1 meter pig tail that could be hard solder to you distribution board. You would need to devise some sort mounting board to make it work.
Click here for the connector web link
This may also be a more durable solution as if you had the male connectors directly connected to a mother board, any misalignment in the mating cycle could possibly break the board.
The technical reference number is T4172054