Female connectors that will fit these prongs?

I have a respirator blower motor that runs on 5V battery. The motor can also run on USB and I want to make an adapter for it instead of cutting the cable on the blower and splicing in a USB male connection.

The connector is a proprietary 3 prong but only uses two prongs for power, the third prong isnt connected to anything, so I just need a connector that will fit two prongs side by side if that helps. Here are some measurement pics of the prongs. Does digikey sell anything that may work for a female connector so I can create a 2 wire adapter to usb 2.0 male?


One of these might perhaps do the job. There’s a small difference in diameter; you may want to double-check your measurements since there would be very little spring action in such a connection to account for small dimensional variances.

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Thank you, looks like that may be the part I need. I took a few more measurements, assuming the measurement is correct, do you believe the 2.77mm Barrel sized connector would spring open to securely connect to the 2.80mm pin?

I also see these are crimp style and call for 14-18 AWG. I dont think I see a solderable option offered. I’m using a cannibalized USB type A Male cable with two 22AWG wires which I assume wont work due to not being 14-18? Does digikey sell a USB type A male that is pre-wired (pig tail I think its called?) of the proper AWG? Searched quite a while and couldnt find the proper size. Or would this require me to build my own cable by buying wire, connector, sleeving separately?

Thanks again for your time, kinda new to searching parts and this has been a huge help after spending hours searching previously.

Looks like the pins might be split slightly to allow some compressibility, and the seam on the contact barrel doesn’t appear to be welded or brazed. Might take a bit of persuasion, but it would appear that things would hold together reasonably well for an improvised solution.

If you feel like soldering to the crimp connector, go ahead. Crimp contacts are dimensioned to be able to give a reliable connection for a specified range of wire sizes, and something designed for 14-18AWG would have to be over-distorted to grab 22AWG securely. Production-worthy? Nope. Good enough to get by in a one-off just-make-it-work scenario? Probably. Especially if a person reinforces the joint with some heat shrink tube. I’m a big fan of Qualtek’s Q5-4x heat shrink product; it’s relatively economical, very versatile with the 4:1 shrink ratio, and holds/seals well due to the adhesive lining…

In stock USB A Male to cable assemblies can be found here.

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Thank you very much sir. Added those all to my list and will placing an order later today. In the very small chance it doesnt work, all of these components will surely come in handy in the future or atleast give me more options to improvise with. Thanks again for your time an insight, cheers!