USB connector

I have broken off a USB connector from my EarMen Eagle DAC. It’s unfortunate because I had been using an adapter cable to prevent this kind of thing from happening, but recently stopped using the adapter because it was fitting a bit loose and inserting the Eagle directly helped prevent disconnects. I should have just tightened the USB port’s dual pins in the first place but here I am.

The connector is a golden USB 1/2 4-pin, horizontal pins, right angle mount, through hole. Even with these parameters there are still 150+ results on digikey so I hoped someone could identify the best fit part. Pictures: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Welcome to the Technical Forum. Well I guess I do not have any magic way to narrow down the search. Unfortunately it means looking through the drawings and trying to match what would fit onto the board you have. Sorry. I wish I knew of an easier way.

Here’s a smaller subset to look through. Like @Verna_1353 said, you’ll have to look carefully at dimensions in the datasheets.