Using a TI ADS1114 with an arduino

Good morning,

For an encoder reading project I should connect this converter to an Arduino, but I saw that its dimensions are really small. I suppose you need an interface card on which to solder the component. Can you give me a hand in this regard?

Hi gtsolid,

Welcome to the Tech Forum. Yes, both package types of the ADS1114 are quite small. For use in a production product, you will probably need to design a proper circuit board to get the best performance, as described on pages 41-42 of the datasheet. However, for prototyping and experimentation, the following options might be considered:

ADS1115 break-out boards (the 4-channel version of the same series):

1528-1461-ND - Adafruit 1085 break-out board

1597-109020041-ND Seeed Technology 109020041 Grove board

1471-2163-ND MikroElektronika MIKROE-3394 Click Board

We also have some unpopulated adapter boards which would allow you to solder a chip onto a board with through-hole pins on the underside so it can be plugged into a solderless breadboard. However, performance would probably suffer with these because the layout and location of required passive components would be very sub-optimal.