Varistor compatibility

I’m trying to find a varistor that will work as a replacement for the one that is not yet been made.
Here are the spec for the one I need to match up. One of the things I had trouble matching is the 115pf and 625vac 825vdc. I just don’t know what will work and what most important. Thank you in advance.
Part Number TND10V-102KB00AAA0
Series V
Rated varistor voltage [V] 1000 V
Varistor Voltage Range 900 ~ 1100 V
Max. Clamping Voltage 1650 V at 25 A
Max. Allowable Voltage AC 625 Vr.m.s.
DC 825 V
Max. Peak Current(8/20μs) 3,500 A/1 times
2,500 A/2 times
Max. Energy (2ms) 100 J
Rated Wattage 0.4 W
Applicable Temperature Range -40 ~ 85 ℃
Temperature Cycle -40 ℃ ⇔ 85 ℃ 5 cycles
Moisture Resistance 40 ℃ 90~95 % RH 1,000 hrs
Capacitance (Reference) 115 pF/1kHz
Dimension D 12.5 mm
Dimension H 15.5 mm
Dimension T 9.1 mm
Dimension L 20 mm
Dimension ⌀d 0.8±0.05 mm
Element Dimensions ⌀10 mm
Reference Weight 2.8 g


Thank you for contacting the forum. Well I could not find anything exact either. I found part number MOV-20D152K-ND to keep the varisyor votage the same. The size is larger. It also has more capacitance. So it would depend on your circuit if you can use it. Theer jsut was nothing direct. Sorry.

I’d suggest that ERZ-V10D102 would appear to be very nearly a direct match.

One generally starts looking for MOV alternatives by matching the typical (rated) varistor voltage and energy ratings. Capacitance is usually one of the last things considered, it at all.

Note that “varistor voltage” is the point at which the device just barely starts conducting (usually 1mA) and the “Clamping voltage” is the voltage that appears across the device when it is carrying a large surge current. The terms can be confused pretty easily, but have distinct meanings that are quite important.

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