View Invalid xml Error

When trying to save, I get a View Invalid xml window. This happened after I inserted some .png images of the connector details.

On the original attempt to save it hung the window. If I refresh the window I get the warning about content may not be saved but the browser window is restored and the content is intact, I just am not allowed to save it.
Here is the Inspect/Network screenshot of this behavior:

When I opened a new instance of Scheme-it in another browser instance, my schematic was complete and labed as Unnamed Project and when I tried to save it, I also get a View Invalid xml Error, but the browser doesn’t hang, I can click ok and get the browser window back to normal.
I’ve attached a screenshot of the Inspect/Network when I try to save.

Any Ideas on how to resolve this without loosing my work?

@smjorgensen - Thank you for the explaining the details of the issue you were seeing. This has been fixed. Please try saving again.

Hi Cody,

Great, thank you very much. My initial attempt to save an unnamed copy gave the same error, but after a browser window refresh, during which I lost nothing, the saveAs completed properly. I was also able to save my ‘named’ version after a browser refresh and again without losing any of my edits. I’m very grateful, thanks again!