Weather monitoring kit

Hi I recently purchased Adafruit Weather Monitoring kit which looks pretty good but RJ11 circuit connection with ESP32 is not mentioned anywhere in your videos. Can you help me with the connection diagram ?

Hello britto, Welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
I’m sorry, but we do not carry the Adafruit Weather Monitoring Kit, so we do not have any documentation for it. You can check with the distributor that you purchased it from, or you can check for your device on the Adafruit website for any documentation.
They also have a Contact Us page, or their Tech Support Forum page. Hope this information helps.

Hello Mr David

I’m sry it was Sparkfun weather monitoring kit, could you help me with the connections of Anemometer, Wind vane & Rain gauge with Esp32 ?

Hello britto,

You can find more info on the weather station project in the writeup here:, including a link to the GitHub repo with the firmware used in the project here:Wifi-Conected-Weather-Station/Firmware/WiFiConnectedWeatherStationAdafruitIO/WiFiConnectedWeatherStationAdafruitIO.ino at main · bytesizedengineering/Wifi-Conected-Weather-Station · GitHub

From the code we can see the anemometer data pin is connected to pin 5, the rain gauge to pin 6, and the wind direction sensor to pin A2.

If you need help identifying which pins of the RJ11 connectors are for which sensors, you can take a look at the schematic for SparkFun’s MicroMod weather carrier board here:

Please let us know if you have additional questions, and best wishes with your weather station project!

Hi Team

I bought the sensor VL53L0X from Digikey in the month of January (attached bill). I have issues with the sensor chip as it’s not functioning at all. I tried replacing another chip from the Adafruit sensor module that’s working in my PCBA. Can you check this batch for any issues with the sensor ?

It’s been 1 month since I figured out the issue. Can you pls help me in this regard.

Please note that this is a public forum and that any information posted is publicly visible.

I see no indications of returns or complains regarding P/N 497-VL53L4CDV0DH/1CT-ND.

It is not clear what exactly you mean by “Adafruit sensor module,” which chip in it you tried to replace, or how the job was done. If you would like assistance in diagnosing the difficulty, please provide detailed information on how the device is being used, the symptoms of the problem, and any tests that have been done so far.

Hi Rick

Pls find the link, i took the sensor chip from this module & soldered it to my PCBA. It works completely fine.
But when I use the standalone sensor chip which I bought from Digikey it doesn’t show any value.

  • I also checked the power supply as per the datasheet.
  • I checked the I2C communication and it’s working as well.
  • The Xshutdown pin is also pulled up but the result is negative for the IR sensor.

Is there any initiation code for the sensor to start functioning? Kindly help me with this.

The document for the Adafruit board mentioned appears to indicate a default I2C address of 0x29, while the part datasheet seems to indicate a default address of 0x52. The device address appears to be configurable and may perhaps have been changed from the factory default by Adafruit during their production process.

What precisely do you mean in saying that the I2C is “working” and that the “result is negative for the IR sensor”? An incorrect I2C address should result in no response from the device; responses with incorrect data are a different matter entirely.

Hi Rick
Thanks for the reply

As you rightly said address is configurable & we have changed the address for our sensor acc to the datasheet.

I2C communication is established & data transfer is happening in our circuit so there’s no issue with the communication as well.

We suspect the issue with sensors bought from digikey as I’ve designed the circuit as per data-sheet & test the sensor module before purchasing the sensor.

OK, if I2C communication is occurring, it’s probably not an addressing issue…

What is the problem then? What information is coming out of the sensor? What information were you expecting? How is it different than what’s coming out? How did you go about gathering this information?

The device datasheet indicates that calibration is necessary: Has that process been performed according to the referenced document?

Hi Rick

The problem is I’m not getting any output from the sensor inspite of no issue with power supply, I2C communication & the address.

I’ve not calibrated the sensor as per your document but sensor didn’t show any output even though it’s not calibrated.

This is why I’m suspecting the sensor. Can you provide a replacement of sensors by investigating the batch ?
As we’re running short of time for product delivery.

Looking a bit closer, it appears that the device on the Adafruit board is an VL53L0x, while the part ordered from DigiKey was a VL53L4CD.

While these devices may have a similar footprint and pin configuration, it cannot be assumed that they are also firmware compatible, especially the code resources provided by the manufacturer differ.

Assuming that your firmware incorporated the resources provided for the 'L0X, replacing the pertinent portions with the resources appropriate for the 'L4CD that was purchased may yield better results.

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Hi Rick

Thanks for sharing this, it was a great find.
We tried to program the sensor in an arduino . It works well, but for the NRF controller we couldn’t find control registers, status registers & data registers in the datasheet.
We checked with the arduino library for the registers; they’re a little difficult to understand, can you provide me with the registers to read & write the sensor data ?

Hi @britto,

If you’re referring to the register map of the VL53L4CD (or any of the VL53xxxx ToF sensors for that matter…), ST does not provide that information in their documentation. To understand why, see John’s response to the same question on the ST Community Forum: Can anyone share the register level datasheet of V... - STMicroelectronics Community.

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