Webinar: 3M EMI Shielding and Grounding Solutions for Dynamic Design Challenges


Webinar Date: August 23, 2023

3M EMI Shielding and Grounding Solutions for Dynamic Design Challenges

This post covers Key Takeaways and Frequently Asked Questions from the 3M EMI Shielding and Grounding Solutions for Dynamic Design Challenges webinar regarding EMI/RFI Shielding Solutions and Conductive Tapes. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a curious newcomer, you’ll find plenty of valuable information watching the webinar. Links to the Webinar, Resources, and Related Content are provided within the post. A copy of the PowerPoint presentation will be provided for customers that register to watch the recorded webinar. All Snippets and Content Compliments of 3M.

Key Takeaways

  • 3M offers worldwide leadership from decades of expertise in materials technology and EMI/RFI challenges including dynamic EMI shielding and grounding

  • 3M offers multiple tape types including conductive adhesives, carriers, and conductive fillers providing various flexibility, conformability, adhesion, temperature and shelf life while offering moisture resistant, low outgassing, no-nickel or non-magnetic conductive options along with various axis (XYZ) electrically conductive fabric, copper foil, and adhesive transfer tapes

  • 3M’s EMI/RFI solutions are known for boosting signal-to-noise ratios (SNR) in consumer electronics, to helping improve antenna signal integrity on 5G towers, and even grounding displays in automotive, industrial, and connected products

  • Minimize EMI noise and crosstalk, improve signal-to-noise ratios, obtaining high-performing reliable materials while being more cost effective by using quick and easy peel-and-stick solutions

  • 3M offers support and key contacts, along with product support from DigiKey

  • DigiKey offers low (if any) minimum order quantities, short lead times, and multiple sizes with fast and reliable service

Frequently Asked Questions

Can any of these tapes be used to hold welding assemblies together, and then welded on?

  • No, the tapes aren’t used to hold assemblies together.

Do you have examples of how the tape can be used to create a shielding can? The tape must be grounded around the perimeter of the area but not short against components.

Can we find the slides presented today listed anywhere?

  • They will be provided in the recording in the next day.

Great presentation. I would also be interested in seeing another webinar about RF absorber solutions, particularly thin RF absorbers with/without shielding.

  • Thank you for the great feedback. We are launching two new absorbers in 2023. One is for high temperatures and the other is for the 5G band.

Can you provide a detail and functional use cases of the AB6000HF series tape?

  • We will follow up with you after the webinar. The AB6000HF series is for EMI absorbing vs EMI shielding and grounding.

Can the 9703 product be used in surface mount applications in place of solder?

  • No, 9703 doesn’t meet the requirements to replace soldering. It’s for general flex and interconnect applications.

The link on the last slide did not work.

  • We will provide the slides with the recording or the top link on the resources tab is the one to look at.

Is this going to be recorded? I thought it would be less sales or tech.

  • Yes, the webinar will be recorded. You will receive a link to the recording within the next 24 hours. We start getting more technical in the next 5 minutes.

What’s the differences of EMI conductive adhesive/tape and the regular electrically conductive adhesive/tape?

  • What do you mean by regular electrically conductive tape? Can you please elaborate?

When design for cable (twisted pairs) EMI shielding, what’s the best practice of percentage of unshielded cable in either ends of the cable?

  • The best practice is 100% covered for high frequencies.

Will this work on a small cable for RFI?


Does 3m offer any anisotropic conductive elastomeric pads. These are thin, compliant interconnect layers that conduct in Z axis only. Typically used for ITO contact to circuit boards. I need non-adhesive pad, ~0.4mm thick x 50mm x 50mm for IC testing.

  • We supply anisotropic conductive adhesives (9703) and Conductive Films (9703) these will be much thinner… that the .4mm pad.

Am I at the right time with webinar? Or it is not started yet?

  • Please try refreshing your browser.

Can you send the URL for the video on RF Shielding Can Replacement, please?

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Example Webinar Slides

-Much more in-depth slides and a copy of the PowerPoint presentation will be provided for customers that register to watch the recorded webinar.