Webinar: An All Electric Society: Energy Storage Systems

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Webinar Date: April 11, 2023

An All Electric Society: Energy Storage Systems

This post covers Key Takeaways and Frequently Asked Questions from the Phoenix Contact An All Electric Society: Energy Storage Systems webinar regarding energy storage systems. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a curious newcomer, you’ll find plenty of valuable information watching the webinar. Links to the Webinar, Resources, and Related Content are provided within the post. A copy of the PowerPoint presentation will be provided for customers that register to watch the recorded webinar. All Snippets and Content Compliments of Phoenix Contact.

Key Takeaways

  • An all-electric society is the way things are going currently and most likely for the next several years although there may be some technology on the horizon that may reduce the amount of install for energy storage systems while hopefully keeping a more reliable power grid without having to depend on large-based power producing facilities
  • Battery Modules consist of battery cells, monitoring, control hardware & software, communication and HMIs (only for stand-alone)
  • We offer all kinds of products for your electric powered needs along with customization

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is energy storage such an important technology?

  • With an all-electric society, renewable energies and harnessing these sources is important as we are not able to use these on demand due to fluctuations, so we need a way to store it making it optimal for us to use when needed instead of when it is produced.

Can battery pull connectors be plugged in any direction?

  • You can basically plug them in and route them in any direction due to the 360-degree cable rotation, very important for battery modules addressing the cable in any direction within cabinets.

Are residential systems similar in their layout and function when compared to these utilities installations?

  • The fundamental functions are common, yes there are more components and parts to more complex systems but since the functions are common it’s really only the scale that is larger or smaller.

Is it possible to reverse the polarity in battery pull connectors, such as negative to positive or vice versa?

  • No, they are polarized.

What solutions are available as far as cable management?

  • It depends if we are talking inside or outside the control cabinet, DIN rail mount, or other type, we have many options available. We also have many connector options running to and from the cabinet as well.

Can you speak to the available connectivity solutions regarding to the grid what the bulkheads look like between the shipping container and to the outside world etc.?

  • It really depends, first off there is no set standard that dictates a set connector or type, this provides freedom for personalization. Do you prefer pluggable system, a one-and-done or another option?

Do you have connector options for medical grade storage?

  • I’m not sure there is a medical grade scale, however a lot of these same components may apply. If there are special connectivity requirements as far as standards, we would have to take a closer look. As a connector company, we address what it is designed to do and the system requirements, so we sit down with the device manufacturer and are able to address based on what their needs are. No system is the exact same to the next, so keep in mind companies try to differentiate from the competitor just a little in order to have them use their products and stay competitive to sell their products where we can get creative and offer unique solutions and identify the best options based on your needs.

Does Phoenix Contact have a guide on how to spec the contact based on how much power or volt-amps a particular connection can handle?

  • Yes. It should be part of the materials we provide. It is on the right-hand side of our website, the widget section for resources, solutions for energy storage, this will take you to an interactive grid to help guide you for part selection.

What are the most common power over data standards being used in these devices?

  • The utilities applications are not yet using power over data, but I would not be surprised to see it move in that direction. Most systems do not use this yet.

Are battery pull connectors locked in place?

  • Yes, there is a snap locking mechanism on the side. In the case of higher power systems such as 350A connectors we have a secondary locking mechanism for added security.

Does Phoenix Contact provide any solution for battery SoC estimation?

  • State of Charge, yes, it depends on what your exact needs are.

What is the capacity of battery storage?

  • These systems are scalable so it depends how large the system module requirements are, and we can scale to that model. We have seen up to hundreds of Mega-Watt hour systems based on market capacity in the current market right now.

Are the energy storage systems designed to be modular and scalable and/or be used for off-grid or residential applications?

  • Yes, that’s exactly what the systems are designed to be. The modularity allows a quick way to scale a system to perform in a specific application.

Can you install the battery storage system up to 300KVA if the main supply gets cut off?

  • Again, it depends how the system is designed and laid out but there is a good chance there is something, but we would have to dig a little deeper in the details.

Are you able to discuss and speak to energy storage, renewable energy, and frequency stability and has there been any breakthroughs with keeping the power grid reliable without large-based power producing facilities?

  • I think our response to that is this is the way currently, there may be some technology on the horizon that may reduce the amount of install for the storage system. This is the solution for the short-term view, and most likely for the next several years.

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