What are bifurcated (forked) terminals?

A customer recently inquired about a high voltage power transformer manufactured by Hammond. This transformer is part of Hammond’s Peter W. Dahl Co’s line of custom transformers.

This particular transformer features bifurcated terminals. These are the slotted posts marked as terminals 1 and 2 on the picture below. There was a time when such connections were commonly encountered in vacuum tube radio transmitters - not so much today. In fact, it’s been a long time since I have seen such a device.

Picture of a high voltage transformer featuring bifurcated terminals.

Let me leave you with few helpful sources for connecting to terminals such as this. First, I recommend you download a copy of NAVAIR 01-1A-23 (STANDARD MAINTENANCE PRACTICES
MINIATURE/MICROMINIATURE (2M) ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY REPAIR). This “unlimited distribution” U.S. government document provides detailed instructions for wire connections to a variety of solder post. Here is a representative picture:

Secondly, now that you know the term “bifurcated terminal” you can search for video such as the one at the end of this note provided by Pace worldwide.

Tech Tip: Note that the bifurcated terminal allows entry from above or from the side. From a safety perspective, it may be better to run the wire from the top and then cover the joint with heatshrink.

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