What insulating tape for vintage car wiring?

Hi all, I biosgnore some help. i am restoring the wiring harness of a vintage car (a 1970 fiat 500) and am looking for a tape to group the electrical wires similar to the original one. The tape on the surface looks like a normal, shiny black, non-sheathed electrical tape. Does anyone know what kind of tape was used on the vintage car to group the wiring? Which one could I use. I will try to attach photos to mot you the size and how it was used.

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Hello bruno.puntura,

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The product looks like standard electrical tape, and the size should be 1/2" wide.
I don’t know what the exact item they used back then, but the normal electrical tape should be a good match. A couple options that we have, are 3M158079-ND and 3M156836-ND.
Please check the datasheets to verify compatibility to your application.

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