Har ni denna typ av stift

Letar efter denna typ av stift, enligt bilder. bredd 3.15 höjd 3.4 längd 14.8mm
Går förmodligen med något som är liknade.

Tack på förhand!

Welcome to the Digi-Key TechForum simonluring.
Contacts are specific to the housings they snap into. We would need to know what connector these contacts go into, to see if we have these contacts. Also size and pin spacing are measurements we need with the housing pictures and information.

Hey, and thank you!
This is to an old car from 1975, so I dont realy know what the contact is called. I took some more pictures, maybe it helps. The measurements of the pin is in my first message. I know this can be hard and I only need one :slight_smile: but i can buy 100 if thats so, just need to get that done so the car has a functional dash.

the last picture has some numbers and AMP written on it, is that useful?

Yup, that’s more or less the manufacturer and part number. Amphenol (now TE connectivity) P/N 925275-1 dates to the early 70s per the drawing, and is by now very obsolete. What you’re looking for would be classified as a card edge connector contact, of which modern examples can be found here. There’s a slim chance that a person could find one that’s close enough for duct tape and crossed fingers to hold things together. If it’s not completely toasted, cleaning and splicing onto the existing contact may be another salvage option.

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