Looking to cross a Narco Mk12 D tray connector part # to molex or something

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In communication with the orders folks technical Reference for this contact is T4380613 they suggested I think that you could help out here.
Trying to track down some Narco connectors. I believe they are molex but I am far from sure.
connector pin housing Narco part # 41406-0007 3 required
connector pin Narco part # 41407-0002 30 required
Thanks for this

Hello johnhillmd, welcome to the Forum.

I’m sorry, I wasn’t able to identify either Narco part number and I was unable to find any datasheets for the parts. Can you give a detailed description of each connector? Is there any marking on the parts? Numbers or letters and a manufacturer’s logo?

One looks like a free hanging receptacle connector. Can you tell us how many positions the connector is and what the pitch is (center of one contact to the center of the next)?

I’m not sure what your second connector is, can you describe what type of connector you need? Any additional details you can provide will be helpful!