Jones Plug Connector

I have the attached pictures that show a Jones Plug and the connector. It’s an 8 pin connector that is used with a Coinco vending machine mechanism. The part I need is the connector not the plug. The connector is branded Molex but I can’t find a part #. I did some research and I’m not having a lot of luck on digi key.

Hello Iaingwb,
Thank you for your request.
I did look at those pictures, but I was unable to find an exact match for a replacement connector.
If you say it is marked Molex it could be from their Beau Series of Power Connectors. However, it appears from Molex’s website they are obsolete.
This is a possible part number 0385400608-ND from our site, but again it is obsolete.
The Datasheet File was to big to attach, but you can download it from our website to view.

Moles states to contact for information regarding this series.
This link will get you to the Beau series.

On Molex’s website they did have an older part number of S-5408-AB

I believe the part will look like this image
This particular connector will have the contacts in it as a Solder Style for attaching the wires.

If you search that number you might be able to find a couple places that have some stock on that connector if you choose to go that route.

I hope this will help you outl.
Any questions please let us know.