Connector Type

image image image I have been trying to find this style of connector for a while. It’s for an 1960s Soda Machine that I’m doing a restoration on. I sure would like some help.

langwb, I am sorry we do not stock that connector.


For items as specific as a 1960s Soda Vending Machine, there are forums dedicated to that genre and type of product. Here is one link, for example, where someone posted a wiring diagram for a similar item, and I wonder if the 4-position box labeled “Molex” is the same as your connector: [click here ].

Finding the exact replacement might be difficult if not impossible, and from what I’ve read, the original wiring may not hold together once it is handled. Consider replacing both ends of that cable if possible. You may need to replace the wire, too, if you haven’t already done so. That way you can choose a new rectangular connector from our site, and there may be a mating part already listed for it. For the most part, you’d only have to consider the expected voltage and current levels.

A similar connector that could work is WM12359-ND from Molex.
The mating connector is WM1327-ND
The contacts would be sold separate.
It is not exact but similar and possible could replace it.

Hello, I have been looking for this type of connector in Digi-Key. Please let
Me know what type it’s so I can search in the right area. I just can’t seem to find the right section

laingwb, Those are quick connect terminals. Unfortunately we do not stock the insulated version of those connectors.

Actually the Quick connects that you need will be These Options

The Red seems to not populate in the filter. If you need 18-22awg and a 0.250" size this could be your part A27840-ND

Any questions let us know.


I am searching for the name and type of this connector (used to connect liquid fuel pressure sensor in a Capstone microturbine).


I would appreciate any help.

Hello AKazak,
Thank you for contacting the TechForum.
I am sorry, but at this time I am unable to find a Match for that connector.
You might have to check with the OEM on it to see if they have any other information.
If you would be willing to switch out the Whole connector we do have other options that can work.

If you have any questions Please let us know.

I safely disassembled the connector.
Can you help me to identify the pins, please?

Hello AKazak,
I am sorry, but I was still unable to verify which connector that is.
Without that information it is hard to determine the contacts. It is best to use the correct contacts for the connector so they will fit correctly in the housing.

At the female side of the connector, the pin pitch is 4 mm (see the attached picture).
Does this help?

I am sorry, but I am unable identify that connector. I did not see one in our system that would match up.