What is a Full Duplex CAN Transciever?

When looking on the Digikey website for CAN transcievers, I noticed that some are marked as “Half Duplex” and some are marked as “Full Duplex”. I was puzzled, since my understanding is that CAN is a half-duplex protocol (each device can only transmit or receive, but not both simultaneously), and many of the “Full Duplex” devices show that they have only a single CANH/CANL pin pair. When looking at the datasheets of some of the devices labelled as “full duplex”, I was unable to find any mention of simultaneous transmit and receive capability. Is it possible that some of these devices might be mis-labelled?

See duplex column:


The point raised is a fair one, and I’m rather inclined to agree that the notion of full-duplex comms on an arbitrated multi-master bus doesn’t make a great deal of sense.

I’ll have a chat with the info management folks and see about getting some cleanup done on that–thanks for the pointing it out.

Wonderful, thanks for looking into it!

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