What is different between these AMPMODU MTE connectors?


This search for 4 pin AMPMODU MTE connectors gives me 6 options (4 receptacles and 2 plugs) - but I can’t see any obvious differences between them. Can someone tell me what’s different between them?

If It helps the part numbers are:

  • 5-103958-3
  • 5-103957-3
  • 103957-3
  • 1-103957-4
  • 5-103945-3
  • 103945-3

Thanks in advance!

Hello julian - welcome to the Forum community. I did side by side comparison of the parts you mentioned on TE’s website. It’s mostly a matter of whether there is a strain relief included, or packaging. Here is that link scroll right to see all the part numbers

I highlighted differences. They differ by minimum order quantity, plug or receptacle (with male or female pins, respectively), and by contact gold plating thickness.

Thanks Jenny!

I didn’t know about the comparison tool on TE’s website. Very useful!

Thanks David!

The male/female part I’d figured out, and some have the same gold contact thickness; but Jenny found the extra info- it’s both about the packaging and plating (bright or matte) for the solder side/non contact side of the pins (not in Digikey’s database.)

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