Do AMPMODU MTE Receptacles and Plugs include Pins?

I’m looking to order some AMPMDU-MTE connectors, such as 5-103957-3. The picture shows pins, but I just want to double check they are included and not a separate item… no fun to get plugs and discover you forgot to get the pins :-).


Hello Julian,
Based on information from the datasheet and drawing it does appear that this part comes with the pins that are visible in the product page.

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Hi julian,

Please note that the contacts that come with the 5-103957-3 are “Insulation Displacement” type (IDC) rather than crimp type contacts. These contacts are designed to cut through the wire insulation to make contact and these require special, not cheap, tooling.

If you are planning on crimping contacts rather than using IDC contacts, you’ll need to order something else, such as 104257-3, and then separate contacts. The contact options include how they are packaged (in bulk (loose pieces) or on metal tape), wire gauge size, and contact finish and thickness, as seen here:

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Thanks David!

Unfortunately I’ve ordered the IDC variants :frowning: - but thanks to your detailed answer I know what to look for next time. With a little luck and some fiddling I’ll be able to solder to the IDC contacts.