What is Frequency and Delay spec for circuit breaker: LELK1-1REC4-30326-100

The manufacturer’s product number LELK1-1REC4-30326-100 does not match the configuration for the LEL series of Sensata circuit breakers as far as I can tell. Datasheet

I would like to know what the Frequency and Delay specification for this part is, but the “30326” part of the product number does not match any of the Frequency and Delay options in the datasheet.

If I am just misreading the datasheet, I would appreciate some guidance. Thank you.

Hello DVold,

Welcome to the DigiKey TechForum. In checking the documentation, I believe you are reading the datasheet correctly, it seems to be an option not listed. Thank you for bringing this to our attention - I have a request into our contact who can request this information from the manufacturer. Once we hear back, we will advise.

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I received an answer from Sensata. The Frequency and Delay value is “52” DC Long 125% Trip.