What is meant with base voltage for the PV6FW40SS3R1 illumanated pushbuton

I am interested in purchasing about 40 of the PV6FW40SS3R1 illuminated pushbuttons but i am kinda confused. The datasheet lists the illumination voltage as the base voltage. What voltage is specifically required to illuminate it and what is meant by the base voltage. Thanks

Hello user11,

Thank you for your inquiry. This switch has listed red, green, blue as the illumination color. The corresponding illumination voltage on our website is 1.8, 2.8, 2.8 VDC. This would usually mean 1.8v for red, 2.8v for green, and 2.8v for blue.

According to the datasheet, the black wire is the ground for all three of the lights, and the corresponding wire colors are for the +voltage to be applied for each color at each of their specific voltage, in which each of these wires will need a series resistor.

Below is the schematic for reference:


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