What is the Tool/Wrench for the notched 3.5mm-NUT-E

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What is the Tool/Wrench for the notched 3.5mm-NUT-E

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum . I did some searching and wasn’t able to find any specific tool for this nut.

Had to have a tool custom made at work for a nut like that, way back in time.

When it wore out after a few decades even my very amatuer machining skills allowed me to make a replacement. The torque applied to nuts like that is very small so the tool doesn’t have to be very hard to last for many years.

For home lab work I use a small flat blade screwdriver in one slot at a time to very carefully tighten that type of nut.

For one off use, another option that’s safer is plastic jaw miniature pliers. The pliers jaws will wear out very fast though.

It appears there’s a Knurled Nut Tool that might include the Philmore NT500. I’ll have to check it out. A screwdriver would need to be notched otherwise. We once had a worker who had an official kind of tool. It’s not for a one-off so I’ll pursue. Strange that the vendors don’t provide a option.

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Found a tool located here on Etsy


That worked perfectly.

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That is great to hear. Thank you for the feedback!