What is this switch called?

I am looking for the name of switch that is between C5 and R4. There is a push pad that activates it on other side. Any ideas, much appreciated.


Thank you for contacting DigiKey’s technical support. We are looking into this switch and will get back to you as soon as we can.

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Hello wagda747,

That appears to be a tactile switch.

DigiKey has many in stock:

Unfortunately, I am unable to offer a specific recommendation as I do not know the physical dimension of your particular switch.

If you are not already familiar with the process, I would encourage you to walk through this tutorial describing how to use DigiKey’s search engine.

Please let us know if you are unable to locate the part. We will do our best to assist. We will need to know the physical dimensions including the height proud of the circuit board.

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P.S. From which side of the PCB is the button plunger (push pad) located? It looks like the plunger is located on the same side of the PCB as the switch.

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The green rectangle between R4 & C5 is labeled D4, a diode, most likely an LED.

Very high probability that the switch is not an independent component but is custom manufactured along with the custom housing & PCB.


Hello @PaulHutch,

I’m intrigued. This is indeed a unique component.

Yes, I did consider the possibility that the green component could be a LED. With a bit of imagination, I may be able to see the die and the lead wire (anvil on the right) for D4. Unfortunately, the picture is not clear so I cannot verify against the other components.

I still have questions that @wagda747 may be able to clarify:

  1. Does this device light up? If so, which direction is the light cast?

  2. is it a switch? If so, does if physically click when pressed?

  3. Is there is a membrane or plunger associated with the switch.

  4. Could you post a few more pictures. A side view would be welcome as would a view of the other side of the PCB.

Thank you for the challenge.


P.S. I added a retraction to my original post as I could be in error.

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I am agreeing with @PaulHutch that the D would likely indicate a Diode or in this case, Light Emitting Diode or LED. While I was not able to identify the part I believe you are looking for a “Surface mount Bottom entry” type LED. XZCBD45S-9 is not the correct part but shares some features that make me think this is the kind of part you are looking for.

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I would bet the LED shown is probably a “Z-Bend” type rear-mount LED, such as one of these.

Sample image:

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It is a led, it did have 2 leads and is about a third of size of a grain of rice. It didn’t have a base on it like the one you showed me. Thanks, learning more everyday. Now i need to find out how the push pads work.

Thanks for your reply. Thank you for the clarification with this. It helped me a lot. How can I identify

Without pictures of the other side of the PCB and the housing parts I can’t be certain what you’ve got.

My guess is that this is a typical consumer product and what you have is:
Bare pads on the other side of the PCB that line up with a custom metal contact connected to a custom button that fits in the custom housing.

That is a common low cost on/off switch arrangement on modern inexpensive consumer products.