What is this? y10 30

Can you help me with the id and replacement part for this?



Evenson Electronics

it looks to be possibly

Thanks. Can you explain how you get there? The reason I ask is because it is for a BCM for a VW Beetle and I don’t want to wreck anything else. The problem started with no accelerator input and the tech docs say that there should be a 5v reference line at the pedal on 2 wires. There is only one that has power. Thanks in advance.

The SMD components marking codes database - Index page (yooneed.one)

It’s a fair guess and a decent resource, but the BZX84 family doesn’t appear to have any internal connection to pin 2, whereas the board in the image does. The date code format doesn’t match either, so I’d suggest this probably isn’t it…

A bit of reverse-engineering would likely allow some inferences as to the deceased part’s function, and offer a few more hints.